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  1. Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
    Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, United States (Airport)
  2. International Airport Peace Garden
    International Airport Peace Garden, Rolette, North Dakota, United States (Airport)
  3. A A Ranch Airport
    A A Ranch Airport, Carbon, Wyoming, United States (Airport)
  4. A Duda and Sons Inc Airport
    A Duda and Sons Inc Airport, Seminole, Florida, United States (Airport)
  5. AL Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
    AL Mangham Jr. Regional Airport, Nacogdoches, Texas, United States (Airport)
  6. A P Hill Army Air Field
    A P Hill Army Air Field, Caroline, Virginia, United States (Airport)
  7. Abbeville Municipal Airport
    Abbeville Municipal Airport, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, United States (Airport)
  8. Aberdeen Field Airport
    Aberdeen Field Airport, Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States (Airport)
  9. Aberdeen Municipal Airport
    Aberdeen Municipal Airport, Bingham, Idaho, United States (Airport)
  10. Aberdeen Regional Airport
    Aberdeen Regional Airport, Brown, South Dakota, United States (Airport)

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