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  1. Madagascar
    Madagascar, Madagascar (Country)
  2. Antananarivo
    Antananarivo, Madagascar (State)
  3. Antsiranana
    Antsiranana, Madagascar (State)
  4. Toamasina
    Toamasina, Madagascar (State)
  5. Fianarantsoa
    Fianarantsoa, Madagascar (State)
  6. Toliara
    Toliara, Madagascar (State)
  7. Mahajanga
    Mahajanga, Madagascar (State)
  8. Indian/Antananarivo
    Indian/Antananarivo (Timezone)
  9. Nosy Be
    Nosy Be, Antsiranana, Madagascar (County)
  10. Ste. Marie
    Ste. Marie, Toamasina, Madagascar (County)

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