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  1. Ellás
    Ellás, Ellás (Country)
  2. Mount Athos
    Mount Athos, Ellás (State)
  3. Crete
    Crete, Ellás (State)
  4. Attica
    Attica, Ellás (State)
  5. Epirus and Western Macedonia
    Epirus and Western Macedonia, Ellás (State)
  6. Thessaly and Continental Greece
    Thessaly and Continental Greece, Ellás (State)
  7. Macedonia and Thrace
    Macedonia and Thrace, Ellás (State)
  8. Peloponnese Western Greece and the Ionian Islands
    Peloponnese Western Greece and the Ionian Islands, Ellás (State)
  9. Aegean
    Aegean, Ellás (State)
  10. Europe/Athens
    Europe/Athens (Timezone)

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